1 Introduction 

The certification body should give assurance that its certificated persons continue to satisfy the requirements of the respective IPMA Level.

The certificates have a limited validity and are due for renewal after 
    •5 years for IPMA Levels D, C, B and A 
The result of the recertification is either
    • the renewal of the certificate at the same level or
    • the non renewal of the certificate and the certificate expires. 
The alternative of the recertification is a certificate for another IPMA Level
    •upgrade to a higher level 
    •downgrade to a lower level 
In these cases the certificated person has to apply for the other IPMA Level.
If the renewal of the certificate has not been applied for, the certificate expires.
Important benefits from the recertification are
    • value of an actual certificate for the individual, the organization and the client 
    • understanding of the actual content of the project management competence 

    • reflection on the own professional status and development. 

The time limit of the certificate is stated in the documentation of the certification body for each individual and on each certificate awarded.

2 Process 
The milestones for the recertification process are 
•Before the midterm of the validity duration (after about 2 years for the IPMA Levels D, C, B, and A since the certification or last recertification, and after about 4 years for the IPMA Level D, if ever) a notice is sent to the certificate owner suggesting that a midterm status about his / her project management activities and continuing PM education should be established, and that eventually a change to another level should be planned. If there are shorter validity terms, the intermediate audit can coincide with the recertification. Legal protected absence times have to be proved and the certification board has to decide for a prolongation of the certificates’ validity. 
•About 6 months before the expiry date the certification body invites the certificate owner to renew his / her certificate or to start the certification process for another level. 
•With the application for the recertification the recertification process starts. It ends with the renewal or non-renewal. 
•If the application is not received until 6 months after the expiry date, the certificate is no longer valid as an actual certificate. 
The recertification process is done with the following steps 
a) The recertification candidate submits his / her application. 
b) The application is checked if it is complete and formally correct. 
c) Two assessors evaluate the application documents and send their recommendation to the certification body. 
d) The certification body decides whether the certificate is renewed, or a change to another level is suggested, or an interview shall be done in case of doubt or likely rejection concerning the application information. 
e) The evaluation and the interview are done by two assessors. 
f) A rejected recertification candidate can ask the certification body for an appeal procedure within four weeks. 

3 Application 
The main information on the application cover sheet is 
•The identification and address of the recertification candidate and his / her actual certificate as well as normally the organisation where the candidate is working. 
•The authorization of the candidate concerning the usage of the stated references. 
•The confirmation of the candidate that he / she accepts the conditions of the certification bodies' recertification procedure. 
•The list of the attachments providing the evidence on the competence applied and developed by the candidate during the actual validity periods of the certificate: 
– actual self-assessment (or 360° assessment) 
– table of professional activities on projects 
– tables of the continuing PM education (Training, presentations, publications and lectures) 
– references 
– formalised feedback questionnaire about experiences (advantages, disadvantages, benefit, complaints) 
The candidate confirms that he / she knows the actual certification documentation of the certification