Re-certification is due five years after initial certification for all levels and domains. It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to initiate the re-certification process through application up to a maximum of six months from their certificate expiry date. An extension may be provided by the IPMA Certification Body (CB) up to 12 months from the certificate expiry date, with justification.

The requirements for the different levels on re-certification are described in the table below:

Having evaluated the applicant’s documentation for suitability, the CB may consider it necessary undertake an interview in order to follow up on the evidence provided and may ask the applicant to present additional evidence at that interview. A pass or not competent decision for the level and domain applied for is made against this additional evidence in the final evaluation.

Re-certification interview
This applies where a re-certification interview is required in case of doubt. To contextualise the applicant’s claim of competence and professional development, the applicant needs to prepare and deliver a 10-minute maximum presentation at the beginning of the re-certification interview. A re-certification interview lasts no more than one hour in total.