APM is preferred choice for UK project professionals

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Posted on Friday, April 19th, 2013 at 3:15 pm.

More project professionals in the United Kingdom than ever before are seeking membership of a professional body, enhancing their professional status and demonstrating their commitment to the profession. The professional body of choice is the Association for Project Management according to the findings of the Arras People 2013 Project Management Benchmark Report. (Editor’s Note: The report requires your name and email address, but we found it to be worth it).

The report found that 61% of respondents indicated an affiliation with a professional organisation. This figure has increased each year since the annual report began and this year’s figure shows an increase of 6% from last year’s 55%.

The report, which enjoyed a record response this year, also reveals that 61% of those who indicated a professional affiliation have chosen to be members of APM. This figure also shows an increase; up 8% from the 53% in last year’s report.

APM’s head of membership development Julie Legge said: “As the project management profession goes from strength to strength, more and more practitioners are seeing the benefits of joining a professional association and it’s great to see that they are choosing APM.”

“It’s the commitment to personal development, professionalism and sharing expertise which will drive the profession towards APM’s vision of a world where all projects succeed.”

Julie added: “We are delighted that the project and programme management community continue to share and support the aims and beliefs of APM. We are committed to continuing to support our members in their development and to raising awareness and standards in the profession.”

  • Other findings from the Arras People 2013 Project Management Benchmark Report include:
  • PPM Practitioners who recorded themselves as unemployed dropped again, to 9%
  • 90% of public sector workers see salary increases of 2% or less
  • 33% of private sector employees (up 9% on last year) see salary increases of >2%
  • 21% of contractors see their day rates fall, whilst another 58% saw no change in 2012
  • Experience is rewarded. High end earners (employed and contractors) are doing best in the remuneration stakes as they were the most successful group in 2012

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